selfportrait20121105_9197Goran Turnšek

In my work I use multiple media to express ideas, including photography, performance, video and photo book. In my work I show how our past is being nullified, changed or manipulated. Mentioned media are the solution for me to live up to these artistic principles. As an artist, I therefore empty our transient world as evidence for others who could not be witnesses to this process.

The person or objects portrayed in space are representation of artistic and conceptual view that is related to the concept of identity.  Foundations for exploring the conceptual starting point that involve the concept of identity such as national, corporate and sexual identity come from different personal situations. Exploration of national identity has to do with being born in former Yugoslavia, the country that no longer exists. In Yugoslavia we maintained national identity for decades with existing symbols, songs, ideals and heroes. A hundred years of history were destroyed in one day after the fall of failed political system. As a former dancer, job that I can’t practice any longer, I like to examine corporate identity. What people do in daily life’s I use as an starting point to create a project. Last but not least is sexual identity, the gender. I crawl into the role of both sexes so that the roles of a man and a woman are no longer distinguished. That raises a certain confusion, because the presentation of gender is not limited to accepted norms of our society

Goran Turnšek (1978) was born in Ptuj  (Slovenia, former Yugoslavia). He studied modern dance at Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam and photography at the Fotocademie Amsterdam, Communication and Design Management at Inholland Rotterdam. As a dancer he danced in celebrated choreographies of Krisztina de Châtel, Marina Abramović, Nicole Beutler, Piet Rogie, Paul Selwyn Norton, Bruno Listopad and Uri Ivgi. After the dance career he developed an interest in the relationship between performance and photography. In 2015 he graduated with the photo project ‘Jakob’ which was supervised by Nicole Segers and Ellen Sanders. His work has been published in the British Journal of Photography, Volkskrant magazine, Fotodigi and Photocaptionist, among others.



2012-2015 | Fotoacademie, Amsterdam

2001-2004 | Communication and design management, University Rotterdam

1996-2000 | Academy of Theater and Dance, Amsterdam



2022 | Vanishing memories, solo exhibition, Mihelič gallery, Ptuj, Slovenia

2019 | Iets met ruimte, group exhibition, Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura, Groningen

2019 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Fotoacademie, Amsterdam

2018 | Iets met ruimte, group exhibition, Kunsthal 45, Den Helder

2018 | Fotoroute, group exhibition, Windkracht 13, Den Helder

2017 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Podium Mozaiëk, Amsterdam

2017 | Dansfoto van het Jaar 2016, Theater Korzo, Den Haag

2016 | Vulnerable, group exhibition, Kadmium, Delft

2016 | Hidden Systems, presentation, Bookstore space, Amsterdam

2016 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Here we live and now, Den Haag

2016 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen, Maastricht

2015 | GUP, group exhibition, Art’otel, Amsterdam

2015 | AIM, graduate exhibition, Loods 6, Amsterdam

2011 | Ephemeral conversations, solo exhibition, Theater Kikker

2010 | 1111 km translation, group exhibition, WEP, Groningen

2008 | Up Close & Personal, group exhibition, Walls gallery, Amsterdam

2008 | Mic Mac Trouble, group exhibition, Ayacs gallery, Amsterdam



2018 | Qualis Magazine, Spring 1018, jaargang 16, Nummer 1

2017 | Dans, Second Stage, No 1., January 2017

2017 | PF, Op zoek naar een leven na het dans, 18 January

2017 | Dansfotokalender 2017

2016 | New Dawn Paper, Second stage, 13 – 22 September

2016 | Tijdschrift Ei, ‘Bij de lurven’, 6 September

2016 | De Volkskrant, Smaak, ‘Danser Goran Turnšek is nu fotograf’, 20 February

2016 | SO, Dutch Professional Photographers 2016

2016 | New Photo, Dutch Photography Talent 2016

2016 | De grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender

2015 | My Amsterdam your home

2015 | British Journal of Photography, ‘The portraiture issue’, December Issue

2015 | Photocaptionist, ‘Strange and Unfamiliar Once Again: Sophie Wright on Unseen’, 2015, Amsterdam

2015 | Fotodigi, ‘Fotograferen als choreograaf’ by Petere Runnaar, , Editie 3

2015 | New Dawn paper, Jakob, 4 July

2014 | ELLE Decorations, (No.116), China

2014 | Harper’s BAZAAR, There’s No Formula for Great Design, October Issue in CHINA



2022 | Golden Winner, People Photography, Muse Photography Awards

2022 | Silver Winner, Fine Art Photography, Muse Photography Awards

2019 | BIFA, bronze winner for the photos serie ‘Mrs. Slana’

2017 | LAM, nomination

2017 | Vienna Photo Book Award, shortlisted

2016 |Grand from The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

2015 | SO 2015, Amsterdam, shortlisted

2015 | Unseen Dummy Award, Amsterdam, shortlisted

2015 | Cum Laude for graduation project Jakob

2014 | Honorable Mention in a Fine Art – Portrait Category, IPA, Los Angeles

2013 | Honorable Mention in Editorial – Personality Category, IPA, Los Angeles

2012 | Fotogram trofee, nominated, Amsterdam

2009 |Grand from The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

2000 | The Phillip Morris Scholarship, Amsterdam



2018 | Mopla – Month of Photography, Photo Book Exhibition, Los Angeles

2017 | This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

2017 | Rotterdam Photo Festival, Rotterdam

2017 | Vienna Photo Book Festival, Vienna

2017 | Fotofestival Naarden, Naarden

2016 | Vienna Photo Book Festival, Vienna

2015 | Unseen Photo Book Festival, Amsterdam

2015 | Amsterdam Int’l Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

2009 | Tjedan suvremenog plesa, Zagreb/Rijeka

2007 | Dance Umbrella Festival, London

2006 | Julidans, Amsterdam



2020 | Beautiful Mess

2020 | Mondmasker Fabriek

2015 | NB Projects, We live here Academie, Amsterdam

2015 | Why Not Festival, Amsterdam

2014 | Theater Narrenschiff, for performance Solo soli, Germany

2014 | National ballet Academy, Amsterdam

2013 | Why Not Festival, Amsterdam

2013 | Galerie Ra & Coda Museum, Dear To Wear



2019 | Minka, Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura, Groningen

2012 | Printer, Amsterdam Grafisch Ateliers, Open Ateliers Jordaan

2010 | Waterbeest, Juni Kunstmaand, Amsterdam

2010 | Črni gibi, SNG Marbor

2009 | I forgive you, Random Collision, Groningen

2009 | Being Blanka, Dnevi suvremenog plesa, Croatia

2009 | Het Beest in Mij, 2KUSTEN, Kunst&Cultuur Noord-Holland

2008 | Being Blanka, ‘Odd/Man’ program, Dansateliers, Rotterdam

2001 | Lost, Dansateliers & Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam

2003 | In&Out, Its Festival, Amsterdam



2012- 2014 |  Nicole Beutler Projects, Amsterdam

2008 -2011 |  Giulia Mureddu, (Amore e Merda), Amsterdam

2004- 2008 | Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, (Zooi, Föld, Imperium, Tando, Amsterdam

2001- 2003 | Rogie&Company, Rotterdam

2003 | Paul Selwyn Norton, Korzo theater, Den Haag

2003 | Uri Ivgi, DWA, Amsterdam



2009 | Guard, VideoDanzaBA, Argentina

2009 | Descending Soul, Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Italy

2008 | DanceON, video workshop with Mediamatic, Rialto, Amsterdam

2003 | Tragic Torso, with Rogie&Company and NPS