Yesterday’s dancer in today’s life

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Yesterday’s dancer in today’s life

My latest long term project, Second Stage, addressing the career change of former Dutch dancers will be exhibited in September in Podium Mozaiëk, Amsterdam.

Second Stage is a photography project about new jobs of former dancers who have ended their dance career in the Netherlands. In the photos their instrument is central. Their body could at some point no longer meet the high physical and technical demands. After the dancing career they use their body in a very different way but continue to reflect their former career through their posture and graceful movement. Second Stage reveals how former dancers have experienced the transition on their journey of becoming somebody else.


Where: Podium Mozaiëk, Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam

Opening: 7 september 2017 , 17.00h-19.00h

When: 8 september – 29 oktober 2017


Second Stage project received financial support from Omscholing Dansers Nederland, The Amsterdams Fund for the Arts and Theodoor Gilissen.