Human vulnerability

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Human vulnerability

‘Jakob’ project is part of group exhibition ‘Vulnerable in Kadium gallery in Delft.

The exhibition ‘Vulnerable’ shows the human existence in the city, living next to the other. The exhibition shows the human vulnerability during the  transition to another phase or life, and it finally shows human fragility in its most tangible form, the individual.

During the exhibition ‘Vulnerable’ five artists, each on their own characteristic way, are showing different elements of human vulnerablity in an almost tangible way.

Artist: Eva Lanskink, Johan Nieuwehuizen, Anneloes Pabbruwee, Camelia Warringa and Goran Turnšek

Date: December 2015 2016 – January 15 2017

Opening: December 18, 3:00 pm

Currated by: Coen Dekkers